Sammy the Centipede Goes to the Market

About This Book

Sammy the Centipede Goes to the Market encourages healthy eating in a fun way.

Children learn how fun eating the colors of the rainbow can be!

There are recipes for them to make in the back of the book.

Spanish version available here.

Review by Luibov S. Sichel, Ph.D.
Specializing in Probiotic Research

Sammy the Centipede Goes to the Market is potentially able to create a foundation for fundamental
change in the food selection habits for this and future generations.

This book does so by making scientifically correct information fun to learn with colorful and engaging illustrations of Sammy the Centipede. Children will love Sammy as a friend who will remind them of smart daily food choices.”

Eileen Paul RDN CD
Certified Dietitian with Washington State

Children love to eat good food and eat food that is good for them, especially when they help shop for it, prepare it with an adult, and understand how it helps their bodies grow. Eat a rainbow of five or more fruits and vegetables each day.”


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