The Circle of Friendship

December is here and we will be thinking about friends and family more intently for the next month than we do at other times of the year. It is time to connect and reconnect and be thankful for the people in our lives.

Some times we don’t really know the impact we have on each other just living our daily lives. Last week I received a text from next door neighbor telling me that she was no longer going to pursue her wreath making business. She said she wanted to gift us a wreath for being such good neighbors. 

I thought she had wreaths already made and was going to give us one of them. Instead, she gave me the color selection and asked me to pick the colors. She even wanted to know if I would like to look at it before she put it together to make sure it was how I had envisioned it. I told her to surprise me and I was sure it would be beautiful. 

When we met for the unveiling, she gave me the gorgeous wreath you see in the picture and I was thrilled and so proud to display it on our house! This is the way that I want to help you in changing your career.

I am here to help you design your career so that it will fit into your life the way that you want it to. I am inviting you to click here for a free webinar to get you started.