What the World Needs Now is Love and Kindness

     February is the month we think a lot about love in our lives.  At this time in our country, many people are feeling so divided over politics and issues of many kinds. There is a lot of anger and frustration. You can feel it among your friends and family members. Yet in all of this, the one uniting factor is the kindness we can show for one another. Kindness transcends race, religion, political views, and the opinions of young and old people.
     If perhaps we spend more time trying to find what we have in common with each other, the divide would not seem so great. Do you ever notice how one person can change the mood in a room?  If we become the one person in the room who remains calm and extends a hand of friendship, imagine the difference we could make.
     I was recently in Lynnwood at the Mind, Body, Spirit convention. Welcome to the new members who have joined our community from that event!
     There is actually an event called The Kind Fest which will be held the third week of August in Snohomish, Washington. Please click on this link for images from the first Kindness Fest in 2017. www.thekindfest.com. I think it would be a great idea to attend this year.
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