Destination: Transformation

Personalized Coaching plans are available in addition to the online program below.


  •    Rediscover your joy and plan your new direction.
  • • Discover where your joy and strengths intersect to find your best career options.
  • • Make a workable plan for financial freedom to spend time the way you want.
  • • Feel energized, appreciated, and motivated to live according to your life’s purpose every day!
  • • Confirm your direction with a Career Planning Strategy Session with me after Video 7
  •     Package includes 8 video modules with text and worksheets, and Closed Facebook group.
  •    The Queen’s Journal-Paperback,  How to Get Your Joy Back! -E-book
  •  Take action now to have more joy and freedom in your life!

May be purchased separately from the Online Course

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You have a 30 day  – 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you have worked through the modules and do not see results in your life, please email me for a full refund.

I am dedicated to helping women lead lives full of joy!