Destination: Transformation

Design a Career You Love!

  • Schedule a Career Reinvention Discovery Session where you will:
    Obtain a sense of clarity about what you want to accomplish next in your career.
    Find out what it will take to attain the results you want.
    Discover what is holding you back from achieving your goals.
    Leave the consultation knowing what steps you need to do next in your career journey.
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Join me in this 5 week live coaching program to find your new career path.

Destination: Transformation – Design a Career You Love!

  • • Discover where your joy and strengths intersect to find your best career options.
  • • Make a workable plan for financial freedom to spend time the way you want.
  • • Feel energized, appreciated, and motivated to live according to your life’s purpose every day!
  •   Week 1: The Wheel of Life – Evaluate 8 areas of your life and make goals toward your next
  •                     steps to a better life balance.
  •   Week 2: Make a Mind Shift – Move from thinking in areas of negativity and acquire strategies
  •                     to turn your mind toward daily positive thinking progress.
  •   Week 3: Anchor Your Vision for the Future
  •                     Think about how your Points of Joy develop into the themes of your life.
  •                      Confirm your strengths and examine how your personality works with different
  •                      career options.
  •                      Construct your vision for the future and decide on the path you want to take
  •                      on your new career adventure.
     Week 4: Financing Your Future
  •                     Take a look at your budget and the financial resources available to you.
  •                     Make a realistic plan for how to achieve the financial security you desire on
  •                     your new career path.  We will discuss options for various career paths.
  •   Week 5: Take Control of  Your Time
  •                      How to find the time for your business and personal goals.
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  •   Email support -Answers within 24 hours is also included.
  •  You can get started right now on a path to designing a career you love for $497.
  • (Payment plan available). 
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  •   I look forward to hearing from you and helping you build the life of your dreams!
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Design a Career You Love! Self-Guided Course -Work at your own pace and end with a

Personal Planning Consultation with me! – $197.00  Please click here for details.


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