Career Strategy Services


For women who would like to explore their next chapter of career life, The Joyful Career Roadmap will help you on your journey. 

For women who have a business or who are starting a business,   Find Clients Fast will help your business grow!

Please see Joyful Career Design for my premium concierge coaching.

The Joyful Career Roadmap!


  •  Discover where your joy and strengths intersect to find your best career options.

  •  Make a workable plan for financial freedom to spend time the way you want.

  •  Learn mindset tools to keep you energized and inspired to live with joy every day!

  •  Get my support to design your career the way you want…You are never alone!

 The Joyful Career Roadmap Experience has a unique blend of support.

 You will never be alone on your journey to your next career move. I am excited to bring you the clarity and encouragement you need to make decisions that bring you joy and a plan for financial freedom.

* Membership in our Joyful Career Design Facebook Group for support. This membership

continues on past the end of your program so you are never alone again on your career path. Ask your questions here when  you need resources and feedback.

* Destination Conference with me to finalize your new career plans after you finish Module 7.

This could include traditional, multiple stream of income approach, or starting your own business.

*Three months Laser focused Coaching sessions that begin when you start the program to

help you navigate anything that gets in the way of you achieving your new career direction.

Schedule a session with me and we will tackle your question and get a customized answer for your situation.

*Enrollment in the Joyful Career Roadmap Program that includes short videos, text, worksheets, and  resources to help you focus on your next steps.

You can get started right now on a path to designing a career you love:

                  Option 1:  $997.00 The Joyful Career Roadmap, Personal Conference

                  Three months of Laser Coaching beginning right away, and Private FB Group

                  Please send me a message at when you decide on

                  Option 1 and I will be in touch with registration details.  You can also leave a                                            message at 206-271-0497.  I can’t wait to speak with you!

                  Option 2:  $497.00 The Joyful Career Roadmap, Personal Conference, and FB Group        

Please click here for order and program registration details. This link is for Option 2.

  I will be sending you a welcome email with details about our private Facebook Group.