The Joyful Career Roadmap

Design a Career You Love!

Join me in this 5 week live coaching program

to find your new career path.

The Joyful Career Roadmap – Design a Career You Love!

  • • Discover where your joy and strengths intersect to find your best career options.
  • • Make a workable plan for financial freedom to spend time the way you want.
  • • Feel energized, appreciated, and motivated to live according to your life’s purpose every day!
  •   Week 1: The Wheel of Life – Evaluate 8 areas of your life and make goals toward your next
  •                     steps to a better life balance.
  •   Week 2: Make a Mind Shift – Move from thinking in areas of negativity and acquire
  •                      strategies to turn your mind toward daily positive thinking progress.
  •   Week 3: Anchor Your Vision for the Future
  •                     Think about how your Points of Joy develop into the themes of your life.
  •                      Using various assessments, determine your strengths and examine how your
  •                      personality works with different career options.
  •                      Construct your vision for the future and decide on the path you want to take
  •                      on your new career adventure.
     Week 4: Financing Your Future
  •                     Take a look at your budget and the financial resources available to you.
  •                     Make a realistic plan for how to achieve the financial security you desire on
  •                     your new career path whether traditional, entrepreneurial, or a combination of both.
  •   Week 5: Take Control of  Your Time
    •           How to find the time for your business and personal goals.
    •           Membership in our Facebook Group, Be the Queen, is included for Support.
  • Your satisfaction is guaranteed or you get additional coaching from me to make sure that you are on the career path you desire!
  •  You can get started right now on a path to designing a career you love for $500. 
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  •   I look forward to hearing from you and helping you build the life of your dreams!
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The Joyful Career Roadmap! Self-Guided Course 

               Work at your own pace and then schedule a Joyful Career Roadmap conversation with me.

In addition, support is provided in our Facebook group.  Your Satisfaction guaranteed.

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Small Business Boost Live! Coaching & Mastermind – Five weekly sessions where we will inventory your brand, find the best social mix, consider your offers, find time saving strategies for your personal and business life, and make a marketing plan that boosts your business! ($1,000)

Individual coaching plans are available for 6 and 12 months.


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