Maria Luchsinger is the Founder of The Women’s Career Transformation Network.  As a Career Strategist, she uses a step-by-step process to help women connect with their passion and strengths to discover careers they love, leading them to joy and financial freedom.


She speaks to women’s retreats, conferences, and networking groups about career reinvention, setting goals, and time management.

Maria is the Amazon best-selling author of How to Get Your Joy Back! : A Women’s Guide to Midlife Career Transformation. She has also written The Queen’s Journal, a daily planner that helps keep women from being overwhelmed with their schedules.

Maria is a member of the Women Speakers Association.  Her writing has appeared in The Huffington Post, Identity Magazine, and E the Magazine for Today’s Female Executive.


Workshop Training and Retreat Topics – 30 to 90 minutes tailored to event needs.

Balance the Wheel of Life and Take Back Your Time

In order to keep your life in balance, it is a good idea to take inventory of the different areas of your life.  This allows for personal goal setting and evaluating what is important to you.  In this interactive seminar attendees will find:

  • A focused look into their life balance and how to make the “Wheel of Life” turn easier.
  • A system to make sure they have time to spend with the ones they love and do the things they want to do.
  • A blueprint for their day that will remove the feeling of being overwhelmed.

Over 30 years of work experience in Business and Education — BA in Education from Central Washington University  —  MA credits in Leadership, Intercultural Education, and Curriculum Development — New Life Coach, Inc. – Certified Life Coach

Contact:  [email protected].   206-271-0497    www.marialuchsinger.com



“Maria is an excellent communicator bringing a joyful personality and humor into her presentation.  She provides excellent organizational principles and insight into your re-invention and growth as a woman.”

-Tammy Wilson Smith, Integrative Health Coach

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