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Parents love the way the information is explained on a child’s level.

Children love the bright colors and engaging pictures of Sammy and his friends.

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Sammy the Centipede Gets Fit

About This Book

A great way to promote family fitness!

Sammy the Centipede, along with Kati the Caterpillar and Larry the Lizard, exercise their way through the seasons.

Children learn how to play Hot Lava Monster!

Sammy’s Exercise Alphabet is included along with a graph so you can chart your exercise progress.

This book is based on the President’s Council on Fitness recommendations.

Review from Dr. John F. Kriss:

I love your little book. The illustrations are so much fun. It is bright, colorful and Sammy is very cute. I especially love his shoes ! I taught Kindergarten through 6th grade P.E. for years.

This would be an excellent reminder to younger kids about the importance of staying in shape, being flexible and being active. It is Sammy’s and his friends’ life-time activities that are so vital to all kids, who really need to be encouraged to participate in every day and not just the typical sports.

Sammy and his pals look like they are having so much fun being active. That is what young kids need to be involved in early because too often so many of them are being allowed to spend far too much of their time watching television, computing and playing video games, instead of participating in healthy, active, physical, outdoor games. My hat’s off to Sammy and his fabulous friends!!!!”

Review by Chantal

I love how Sammy showed the many different ways to be active for each season of the year. He also talks about healthy food options and how you can get your friends and family involved. I love that the ways Sammy gets fit are simple enough that the kiddos can do them, but they are still active enough that it sets a healthy lifestyle example for them as well. Sammy builds a snow centipede and castles. He goes for walks and he plays ball. He dances and he enjoys his surroundings.

It’s a fun book for the kiddos to read and I love that it’s educational as well. Maria makes exercising fun with Sammy The Centipede Gets Fit. I highly recommend this book to anyone that has kiddos. It’s important to get them moving regardless of the weather or the season.”


Download Coloring Page Here

Sammy the Centipede Goes to the Chiropractor

About This Book

A fun and educational way to introduce children to chiropractic care! Just watch this video.

This book is now also available at Palmer College of Chiropractic.

Judged “Outstanding” at the Writer’s Digest 21st Annual Self-Published Book Awards in 2013.


Dr. Eric Fassler writes:

I loved this beautiful book. It’s informative, vibrant, cheerful. The writing is upbeat and great for all my little patients. I’m a family practice doctor that sees children. I love having teaching materials that help my patients feel comfortable. This is just the ticket.”

Her clear and playful imagery communicates complex concepts in a way that any child will “get” at a very deep level. And she makes it sooooo much fun! Makes you wish you were a kid again.”

—Dr. Dennis Dilday

Fun and educational, very nicely done. We appreciate the clarity of your words to explain to others how chiropractic helps the body heal itself, get well and stay well.”

—Dr. Thomas Hurst

I just wanted to let you know that I read Sammy to my four-year-old son that night after meeting you at the conference. And he LOVED it! Thank you for contributing to chiropractic.”

—Dr. David J. Mayes


Download Coloring Page Here

Sammy the Centipede Goes to the Dentist

About This Book

A fun and educational way to introduce children to dental care. Sammy talks about what to expect on a visit to the dentist.

Review by Brent Robinson, DDS, Member of Snohomish County Dental Society in Washington State:

What a fantastic book. Maria has created a wonderful, entertaining, and educational story for the new and young dental patient. The colorful pictures and fun story will certainly make it one of your child’s favorites. Sammy will also help your child understand that going to the dentist is fun and exciting.”


Download Coloring Page Here

Sammy the Centipede Goes to the Market

About This Book

Sammy the Centipede Goes to the Market encourages healthy eating in a fun way.

Children learn how fun eating the colors of the rainbow can be!

There are recipes for them to make in the back of the book.

Spanish version available here.

Review by Luibov S. Sichel, Ph.D.
Specializing in Probiotic Research

Sammy the Centipede Goes to the Market is potentially able to create a foundation for fundamental
change in the food selection habits for this and future generations.

This book does so by making scientifically correct information fun to learn with colorful and engaging illustrations of Sammy the Centipede. Children will love Sammy as a friend who will remind them of smart daily food choices.”

Eileen Paul RDN CD
Certified Dietitian with Washington State

Children love to eat good food and eat food that is good for them, especially when they help shop for it, prepare it with an adult, and understand how it helps their bodies grow. Eat a rainbow of five or more fruits and vegetables each day.”


Download Coloring Page Here

Sammy the Centipede Goes to the Market in Spanish!

About This Book

Spanish Translation of “Sammy the Centipede Goes to the Market”.

Ilustraciones por Joe Palmisano.

Samuelito el Ciempies va al Quiropractico

About This Book

Samueltio el Ciempiés va al Quiropráctico is the Spanish version of Sammy the Centipede Goes to the Chiropractor.

Este libro es un divertido y educativo para enseñar acerca de la quiropráctica.

Los quiroprácticos en todo el mundo utilizan este libro con sus pacientes.

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