Welcome to a new way of thinking

about your career!

What if you could mix your ideal lifestyle with your career to be the way you want it to be?

Finally, a way to design a career you love that fits into your lifestyle bringing you more joy, time, and money, without struggle.

Is it time time for you to design a joyful career you love?

Essentially, what I do is help you to get clear on what you want from your career and find a way to make it happen! 

Exhaustion, overwhelm, and struggle can sometimes seem commonplace in today’s workforce. I had become exhausted when my company went through a merger throwing me into a never-ending cycle of long commutes and late nights getting home. I was tired of living on a schedule that left me little time for my family and friends along with pre-determined vacation time.

This is not uncommon…

“According to the American Institute of Stress 62% of workers end the day with work-related neck pain. 19% – 1 in 5 quit a previous position because of job stress and one quarter have been reduced to tears because of stress.”

If you can relate, I have the solution, design your career the way you want it.

Imagine stepping into your own personal power and having the life you always imagined. You wake up in the morning feeling refreshed instead of exhausted.

Your morning routine allows time for a delicious meal, exercise, and setting your intention for the day. You are clear on your agenda for the day and set the hours you want to work, leaving time for you to spend with family and friends.

Think about living where you want to and running your own business with a team that you handpick to make everything run smoothly. You get to use your strengths and talents to create the life you have always wanted doing what you love.

It took me some time to get to the place of starting The Women’s Career Transformation Network. My background includes 15 years of work in the business world of residential and commercial escrow. I am a teacher with a degree in Education from Central Washington University and spent several years teaching, and I am also a certified life coach. I have written an Amazon best selling book called How to Get Your Joy Back!: A Women’s Guide to Midlife CareerTransformation and also developed The Queen’s Journal: Inspiration for Action, a daily planner to keep your day organized and productive. I have also written a series of children’s books on health.

When I was first trying to figure out my new career path, I tried several avenues, but always came back to the fact that I loved working for myself and not someone else. And I knew that if I loved working for myself, other women wanted to do it, but didn’t think they could. In addition, I have become a breast cancer survivor in the last couple of years and more aware than ever that living each day to the fullest is my highest priority. 

It is my mission to help women live with joy above all else. Part of that joy is to have the irreplaceable time to spend with their families and to support causes that they believe in.

Everyone’s path is different and might include a combination of traditional and entrepreneurial work. I have helped an Occupational Therapist go from working for someone to opening her own practice. I have helped someone laid off from Microsoft after 10 years find work with the State as an employment specialist. I help small businesses boost their income. I have helped someone publish their first book. What is your dream career – lifestyle combination?  Let’s make it happen for you.

The benefits of Joyful Career Design for Midlife Women include:

• Becoming aware and connected to your joy in every area of your life.
• Creating a plan for your future income. 
• Getting your schedule under control
• Producing multiple streams of income that appeal to you.

Your journey will begin with a Welcome Call and The Queen’s Journal that will be sent to your door.

The Welcome call will set up our Master Plan and times when we can work together.

Private support from me will be available through text and email to get all of your questions answered.

Here are what people are saying about working with me:

I started working with Maria at a time when I was feeling really stuck in my business and career, so overwhelmed with options and confused about which way to turn that I was not able to take any effective steps forward at all. Maria helped me identify not only which path would be most profitable, but also which would bring me the most joy.

I feel so much more confident now as I take the steps toward my vision, knowing that I’m on the right track and having Maria there to guide and support me as I go. It makes all the difference in the world! I highly recommend Maria to anyone who is feeling stuck or confused in the midst of a career or business-focus change.

Melanie Starr, Halifax, Nova Scotia
Holistic Workplace & Personal Wellness Coach
After running her business for several years, Susan has shifted to working for the public at her
local regional hospital after she decided that is what she wants at this time in her life. It is never too
late to fit your career into your lifestyle!
“Maria, I am so grateful that I have had your help and input in the way you and I have worked together. I appreciate you, your style, and ability to discuss things. Thank you so very much!”

–Jeanne Krahn Cockle, Business Owner  – Kingston, WA


“I wanted to share my good news and this includes kudos to you for your help these past many months. Your tools, advice, and encouragement helped me focus to become really clear about what I want to do with the next chapter of my life after being laid off from a position held for 10 years at Microsoft.

I just received a phone call from a supervisor I worked for as a volunteer at Everett’s Work Source. She would like me to come and work on her team permanently! I don’t have the official job title yet but it’s moving me toward Employment Specialist. God is good and He is gracious all the time! All the best to you and your upcoming workshops. Feel free to use my story to encourage others. Thank you so much.”

-Diana Linscott, Everett, WA


Maria is not only a great friend, teacher, and writer; she is an inspiration to all that have the privilege of meeting her. Maria served as my sounding board when I was attending Walden University studying for my doctorate in organizational psychology. Maria has reminded me of the good in the world and that we are to always reach out to others in need with a kind heart. Maria is a true blessing of innocence, kindness and values.

Dr. Monica Dunnagan – Phoenix University – Lebanon, TN


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I invite you to have a conversation about how you can design your career to fit into your lifestyle. Please find a time here and I look forward to speaking with you. www.bit.ly/JoyfulCareer


How will I get connected to my joy?

We use step by step exercises to help you reconnect with your joy. We work on clearing blocks that may have been sabotaging your success. We work together to help you literally train your brain for positive expectation.

How will we make a plan for future income?

We will look at your current financial situation and where you want to go. We will plan from there with the types of both passive and active revenue generating activities that you would enjoy.

Will you really get my schedule under control?

Yes, we have a plan to really focus in on the activities that you need to be doing and those which you can delegate or delete.

What do you mean by multiple streams of income?

Besides the main focus of your revenue, there are many avenues to explore where you can have multiple forms of income coming into your bank account. This is a great way to diversify and have funds to save and to have at the ready to work for you.

Is there a payment plan for your services?

Yes, we will definitely discuss a plan that fits your current financial situation to make it easy for you to enroll. The investment to work with me for three months is $3,000. Let’s talk about how you want your career to fit into  your life. 

Here is the link to schedule our conversation: www.bit.ly/JoyfulCareer

I look forward to hearing from you soon!


You deserve to be happy, doing meaningful work you love!

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