Are You Having Fun Yet?

Fun is important!

Sometimes we can get so wrapped up in the day to day of work and family that we forget that we are supposed to take some time to have fun!  What have you done this summer that is fun for you?

Having fun is good for you!  Scientifically, it reduces cortisol that produces stress and increases serotonin that leads to better physical and mental capacity. Enjoying yourself builds up reserves for when you need to be calm.

When you are out playing or doing things you love, you get the benefit of greater energy, memory and focus, and sounder sleep. We also need connection with other people. This has become more and more evident since the invention of cell phones. We have to be careful to remember that we actually need to put them down and go have some fun with other people.  Laugh, dance, or sing!

Here are some ideas for you!

1. Go outside – to the beach or the ocean.
2. Invite friends over to your backyard or the park for BBQ.
3. Play board games with your family or go on a walk together.
4. Plan a girls’ night out or in.
5. Have a neighborhood potluck.
6. Feature karaoke at your next event or party.
7. Pick a new place you have never been before to explore.
8. Visit the library or a museum.
9. Go get ice cream to share!
10. Get a bottle of bubbles and go for it.

Stay tuned for fun messages that I will be sending soon!

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