Time for Beginnings

How are you doing?

It’s May and we are still in quarantine! I enjoyed Mother’s Day with cards and phone calls, although I would have preferred to hug my children and grandchildren!  My birthday is this month and it looks like it will be  unconventional. How are you doing?

I am concerned about two things; your mental state and your financial situation.

First, if you are feeling emotionally upset and worrying every day, you are not alone.

Your mind will focus on whatever you ask it to. If you are continually worrying, it will help focus your attention on whatever is bringing you down. If you are focusing on what you are grateful for and what brings you joy, your mind will steer you in that direction.  What can you focus on that will lift your spirits?

Is it your family, those flowers that just sprung up in your garden or the neighborhood, or is it that call that you just had with a close friend? Write your own list of at least 10 things you are grateful for and refer to it every day. Add more as you think of them. Notice how your mind shifts to a more positive place.

If you have been housebound, is there a way for you to get more exercise into your day?  Maybe you already have a plan. If not, just taking a walk around your neighborhood can help. Even driving to a place where you can observe nature, can be a mind freeing event. Certain smells can make us happy like the warm aroma of fresh baked cookies or an essential oil like Wild Orange that is invigorating.

Second, many people are unemployed and unable to get through to their state’s unemployment web sites.

If you are in a financial bind right now, call your creditors as soon as possible and talk to them about your situation. Many will defer payments because of COVID 19. In the case of your home mortgage, there are various ways that your bank may be able to help. Many will defer your payments, lengthening the time of your loan.

I want to suggest possible ways for you to get money right away. Think about your current skills and see if you can find ways to bring in added income.

I have found a couple of reputable sites where you can find jobs where you can work from home that have free information and also have further paid options.


The first is called Flexjobs. When you click on the link you will find the top 100 companies who hire for remote jobs and also a guide you can download to help you.

The second is Virtualvocations.com where you can browse for telecommuting jobs.

When looking for online work, also Google the company or offer and check for reviews and background.

If you have always wanted to start your own business or write a book, now is the perfect time.

I would love to have a conversation with you and make a Joyful Career Blueprint that you can begin immediately. You can  schedule a time to talk by clicking here:


I want you to know I care and I look forward to hearing from you soon.