80 Summer Side Hustles For Extra Cash

Summer cash for you!

Who doesn’t need a little extra cash? These suggestions are great for you or a young person in your life who needs to make a little extra money this summer (or maybe a lot).

69 Ways to Make Money
For the creatively inclined, GearBubble.com makes it easy for you to sell merchandise that you design directly to Amazon without inventory. They will make it on demand when the orders come in. They have now made it possible for you to connect with Amazon and put your merchandise for sale there with a click of a button. There is a $29.00 monthly fee to do that or you can try to do it yourself. Mugs seem to be the most popular and it would not take many commissions to recoup your fee.
Rachel Rofe is making a living doing this and she has a course called the Low Hanging Fruit system for further information.
Nick Loper is the Chief Hustler of Side Hustle Nation. I have been following him for over a year now and he has so many different side hustle opportunities that he side hustles full time to support his family.
Right now, you can get one of his books for free on Kindle. It is called Side Hustle Path: 10 Proven Ways to Make Money Outside of Our Day Job. He also has a great book called Buy Buttons with even more information.
So there you have 80 avenues to further your bank account. Get started on your way to a fantastic summer!
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