Choosing Midlife Career Change Strategies

Midlife women have career challenges when it comes to returning to the work force, leaving a frustrating position, or planning for retirement. They often seek a career change.  After working almost seven years in downtown Seattle, I left a stressful corporate job with a long commute to pursue my strengths that were in the area of creativity. 

A flexible work schedule and time to visit family who lived far away were important factors in my decision for career change. My career reinvention includes substitute teaching for the Everett School District, writing books, and coaching women so they can find their own paths to joyful careers.

As a career strategist, I coach women using this philosophy, “You owe it to yourself to explore the possibilities of how you want to spend your time because you can never get it back. I encourage women to visualize, strategize, and energize their dreams!”

I wrote my new Amazon best-selling book, How to Get Your Joy Back!: A Women’s Guide to Midlife Career Transformation, to provide a step-by-step formula for helping women match with careers that take their strengths, talents, and personality into consideration.

       How to Get Your Joy Back!

Part One helps women identify where they are now in their life. Part Two includes worksheets, online tools and self-reflection. Part Three provides direction and resources for a number of ways to develop multiple streams of income. Some of the opportunities included are starting a business, writing, and speaking. References include how to find career related information along with internet link addresses to over 100 resources.

“This book is an excellent tool for women that want to become empowered, go to the next level in their lives, and start following their purpose. I recommend it as a must-read.”

-Althea Ledford, Editor of E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

“A practical and soul-nourishing balance of strategies to support your career goals. Vibrant with possibility.”

– Ana Rosenberg, Best-selling Author

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