Focus + Action = Results

School is out for the summer, but I want to talk about one equation we all need to master for maximum success in life and business.  Focus + Action = Results.  You can be laser focused on your results and have the best information available, but without action you will not move forward. By contrast, you can be very busy taking action every day without focus and not achieve the results you want. With a clear plan, you will take less time to get further.

We know this, but it can be challenging to decide where your focus should be. In business, one great question to ask yourself is, “What income-generating activities am I going to do today?” Then make those the first priority of the day. This way you can feel accomplished and not get lost in the minutiae.

Try a different method to achieve better results

One example I want to share is I recently wanted to find a new way to engage my customers when they come to my web site. Many web sites now have chat bots that pop up when you visit. I wanted to see if these would make a difference for me. I found a company called  The free version of the program makes it possible for me to interact with customers when they visit my site. The chat bots will also make it possible for customers to leave messages when I am not online. If you are interested, the paid version will schedule appointments for you.

To see how these chat bots work in real time, please visit my web site at  I would love to hear from you!

Focus + Action = Results. If you do not produce the results you want, you can use the information you learn to make your products and services better.