Two Important Questions for Your Business

Today, I want to pay tribute to those who gave their lives for our country. I also want to say thank you to those who are serving right now in the armed forces along with their families to keep us safe. My father was a young man in the Air Force when he met my mother and that is why I can write this message to you at the end of my birthday week. (I think one day is not enough.)

As we approach the second half of 2021, I want to ask you two questions about your business. Have you reached the income goals you set for yourself? What are you doing to make your business visible to your market? I have answers to these questions.

First, visibility is really key right now when there are even more people working online. I have been so impressed by the platform that I am moving all networking for my Joyful Career Design Facebook Group there. The great thing is that you can speak in real time with potential clients and then follow up right there on that platform so you don’t have to waste time making notes. You have the opportunity to find clients and collaboration partners.

Next, I am excited to tell you that during the month of May I have been launching my new program called Find Clients Fast. Using my 4M Framework you will get your business aligned with your favorite clients, the ones you love to work with! A bonus called 50 Ways to Find Clients will give you an immediate boost. Three months of laser coaching with me is also included to make sure you do find those clients. Go to for all of the details.