The ECO Formula for Social Media Conversion

Make Your Social Media Time Count

There are so many social media platforms that it is hard to keep up with them. Have you heard about the latest one? I get asked that all the time. Do you have time to be on all of the social media platforms? If you have a social media manager, then of course you do! What if you are a small business owner or a solopreneur, how do you become most effective at your social media strategy?

It really comes down to knowing where your ideal clients are and how to deliver content that speaks directly to them. Once you have determined where they are, you need to be a consistent presence on the platform. It is much better to maintain consistency on one or two platforms instead of trying to randomly show up on all of them. You can schedule your posts to the social media platforms you need all in one place for free at If you need more bandwidth, they do have paid plans. I like it because I can post my videos straight to Instagram from there.

In order to reach your client in the best way, I recommend what I call the ECO formula which stands for Engage, Connect, Offline conversation. This makes it easy to remember what stage you are in with your customers.  So engagement involves commenting and carrying on conversation on the platform. Connecting would involve a side conversation with a direct message and that nurture sequence you have after they initially contact you or sign up for your free offer.

Offline conversation is where you decide to meet to further discuss the ideas that you have whether in person or on a virtual platform. That offline conversation can be nurtured further with follow up calls, meetings and even physical cards or gifts depending on the stage of the relationship.

Offline conversations may lead to new partnerships and collaborations as well as new business, so it is a good idea to show up consistently on the platforms where your prospective clients are present. Relationships are the currency of the day, so the better we connect with our tribe, the more we will see results in our business.

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