Love and Self-Care

Ahhh February, the month of love! Besides being loving to the people in your life, I want to talk about the love you give to yourself. Self-care is so important to our well- being, and yet many times we push it aside because we are caring for others.

Many successful people start their day with a morning routine.  Maybe you have one. If you don’t, here is a sample that you can adapt to your schedule:

Imagine beginning your day thinking about what makes you happy. Smiles of people you love are flowing through your brain. You pray or meditate on what you have planned for the day. Next you drink a glass of refreshing water to get your day started. You do some stretches and take a 20 minute walk or do a dance to some of your favorite music.  You shower and eat a nutritious breakfast that gets you energized for the day.  You write a few sentences in your journal about what you are thankful for.

And you’re off…to work in an office or work at home.

I want to ask you how satisfied you are with your work because as we all know, stress can be a significant factor in how we think and feel. Constant stress can take a toll on your health and relationships. I would love to help you design a career you love so you can choose joy every day!

That is why I want to invite you to talk with me in a free Design a Career You Love Strategy Session.

You will obtain a sense of clarity about what you want to accomplish next in your career and discover what is holding you back from achieving your goals. If you have a small business, we will talk about how to boost your results.

Leave the consultation knowing what steps you need to take next in your career journey.

Please click on this link  to reserve a time on my calendar. I am excited to speak with you and help you make this a great 2019!


How to Get What You Want

I recently attended a women’s luncheon where we were asked to discuss questions that we should ask ourselves in business. One of our sets of questions was “What do you really, really want in your business and life? and Is what you are doing now lining up with what you say you want?

Another set was “When was the last time you experienced uncertainty in your business and what did you do to get you through?” Summer is the perfect time to reflect on these questions so we can move forward with clarity and increased productivity.

Take your favorite beverage, a pen, and paper to a quiet place.  As you slow down, you will have the time to think about ways to move further in the direction you want to go.  What will be your answer to, “What do you really want?”